Meet our alumni in the field of Information Technology

Come join us and be a part of of our community of DBTC Information technology professionals


Alice Obsum

Batch: 2012

Work: Senior Business Analyst at Exist Software Labs, Inc.

Alice has been in the IT industry for almost 7 years. Having graduated college at the age of 19, she was able to secure her first job as an IT Consultant for a major foreign IT company. Today, she is connected with Exist Software Labs, Inc., holding a Senior Business Analyst post. Her extensive experience working for both international and startup companies coupled with her expertise in Business Analysis in handling complex software applications, helps Exist's development team to provide and deliver quality software solution products to clients. She loves to travel and has created her own travel blog alicetayo.com to promote work and life balance. She believes that learning is more fun through experience.

"Being in a class where boys outnumber girls eight-fold changed my long standing belief that women are inferior than men when it comes to IT. My Bosconian experience opened my eyes to see that I can be of equal rank, if not better, than men in this industry. What’s supposed to be a perceived disadvantage has become a strength to harness. I took the challenge in overcoming certain stereotypes cast upon women in a male dominated school and industry. I’m blessed to have spent my college years in Don Bosco. We were groomed to be well-mannered, principled, go-to guys, critical thinkers and servant leaders. I will always be proud of my Bosconian identity."

Eleonor Gianan

Batch: 2012

Work: Citibank NA ROHQ – Citi Technological Infrastructure - Production Operations System Analyst

Ella started her career in Citibank IT Operations handling technological infrastructures such as distributed (Midrange and Autosys) and enterprise platforms (Mainframe), engaging with diverse clients and supporting system migration. Currently, as part of cross training, she is also working with transmission team that handles server management, installation, and maintenance across the globe.

As part of leadership training, Ella represented the Voice of the Employee Communication Committee that organizes events, publishes email announcements, listens to employees’ needs and integrates feedback with other business units.

Aside from working in Citi, Ella still finds time to expand her knowledge and study Masters in Business Administration in De La Salle University.

“Don Bosco, my Alma mater, gave me the aspiration to be a better person in pursuit of knowledge and experiences. The opportunities it presented was extraordinary and much of what I am today can be rooted in my academic years.”

Ferdinand Hassan Lim Flojo

Batch 2012- BSIT

Work : Software Design Engineer @ NEC Communication Systems

Academe Experience 4 years, Industry Experience 5 years.

Ferdinand Started his career as an Educator in our very own College Department, during his stay as a full-time faculty he taught Object-Oriented Programming and Mobile Development. After 2 years, in order to venture the Industry, he changed his status from full-time to part-time faculty.

He entered the Industry as a Software Engineer for Performance Software Inc. A Company that provides quality software for Boeing and Sonosite, there he was able to work on projects that involved Flight Control and Data Loaders for Boeing and was trained for DICOM in Seattle, Washington USA.

He then transferred to NEC Telecom Software Philippines, and worked there as a Software Design Engineer specializing in Software Design and Architecture of IoT Systems. Currently he became a part of NEC's Intra-transfer program and works for NEC Communication Systems in Kawasaki, Japan.

"Having studied in Don Bosco all my life (Pre-school to College) I am not a stranger to it's legacy in producing note worthy professionals. We excel in our technical field extraordinarily well but that is not our best asset. Our strength comes from Don Bosco's training of Character which gives us Integrity, Morality and Social Responsibility in our Core Values.

We are adamant in our goals and we will never be afraid of any challenge that the Industry throws at us because Don Bosco's Curriculum has well equiped us with the best technical training and knowledge

Lastly, We can find 1000 ways to solve the problem and another 1000 to explain it well."


Merald Ace De Vera


Work: Sr. Infrastructure Technical Analyst/Assistant Vice President/Citibank NA ROHQ - Core Infrastructure Services - Global Automation and Tools.

Ace started his IT career as a Linux/Unix System Administrator at BDO Unibank IT Operations. Fresh from college and barely 20 years old, he was the youngest System Administrator handling mission critical servers and applications of the bank at that time. "On my final interview for a technical support role, the IT Operations head chanced upon my background with the Linux system and asked me about it, after which, I was invited to join the Core System Administration group," . "I owed this great opportunity to the kind of program that the DBTC -IT Department offered to us. We were exposed to open source software and Linux operating environment early on and we literally live and breathe its concepts in every subject until we finished the course". Ace is now part of Citibank Operations and Technology group responsible for enterprise class data center monitoring and next generation automation technology for the banks global operations. Being in a Global bank, he has also widened his area of interest to include Information Security and Risk management and is also an Internal auditor for ISO Information Security and IT Service Management.

"Don Bosco imparted us not just with skills to thrive in the world of technology but in the arena of life, our foundation is holistic and unique and is based on reason, religion and loving kindness. We were always reminded to become servant leaders through the pursuit of culture of excellence and competence and to not just grow the mind but more importantly our inner self and character. That is what sets us apart from others and that is something I will always be thankful for."


Alfonso Saspa II

Batch: 2008

Work: Systems Support Specialist / IT Executive at GrabTaxi Holdings PTE. LTD. Singapore

Alfonso or Alphee has been working in the IT Industry for more than 10 Years and have worked in different type of industries such as Logistics, Shipping, Government and Transportation. He started his IT Career in Managed Information Systems (M.I.S.) then moved to becoming a Desktop Engineer and now currently based in Singapore as a Systems Support Specialist for GRAB . He has experience in administration of Windows Servers, MacOS Server, Domino and Exchange, Active Directory, Google Suite, Jumpcloud DAAS, Cisco Meraki, Workato Automation & Zendesk to name a few. Working with GRAB has helped him to widen and increase his experience on Cloud Based Technologies

“Don Bosco will serve as your training ground to enhance your skills to prepare you in the industry. Not only will they help you shape your character, they will bring out the best in you as well towards having a meaningful and successful career.”

John Elbert Dela Cruz

Batch: 2008

Work: Senior IT Engineer

Elbert has been in the IT industry for more than 10 years supporting various Multimedia/Broadcasting, Logistics and Banking companies. Currently working as the Senior IT Engineer with the Monetary Authority of Singapore supporting mainly the overall IT operations.

"Don Bosco has not just been a school to me but a home. BSIT has given me all the tools and knowledge to not settle for anything else but the best. Always giving maximum effort to produce strong and efficient results."


Victor Mitra

Batch: 2007

Work: Test Lead @ BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Victor Mitra is an experienced IT professional in the field software quality assurance. He has worked in different industries such as Manufacturing, Hospitality/Tourism, Financial and Cyber Security. Currently working as a Test Lead under the cybersecurity arm of BAE Systems, a British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company.

"Don Bosco does not only equip you with knowledge that will make you competitive in the industry, it also builds character and strong work ethic. Character that would enable you to lead and be of service to others at the same time and work ethic that will enable you to be efficient and effective."

Matt Lebrun

Batch: 2007

Work: Lead Developer at TotalRewards Software and Co-founder of Python.PH

Matt Lebrun has been a Software Engineer for more than 10 years. During this time he has worked in various industries, startups, and the academe. He co-founded Python.PH, a non-profit organization that caters to a community of professionals and hobbyists of the Python programming language and its surrounding technologies. He also works as a Lead Developer for TotalRewards Software, an American company providing SAAS total compensation statements.

" I will always carry with me how Don Bosco helped shaped my character, work ethics, and philosophy in life. More than the technical skills I've learned, these were the most important factors that paved my path to a successful career and in the thriving community we have built."


Alvin Bocacao

Batch: 2006

Work: Technical Lead at Nucleus Software Solutions

Alvin Bocacao has been in the IT industry for more than 10 years. He's working as a technical consultant for various major banks and financial institutions in the Philippines, China and other countries. Prior to his current role he also worked as a software engineer for a major retail company in Europe.

"Don Bosco has given me an opportunity to evolve and contribute in application development and support...As one of the first batch of student in BSIT, the experience that we all had shaped us to be explore the IT industry with confidence."

Emmans Nana

Batch: 2006

Emmanuel Salvador D. Nana


Current Work : IST Director - AVP, Silver Finance Group of Companies

started his 15 years of IT profession as the 1st Student Assistant for BSIT College of Don Bosco Mandaluyong. Studying again for 4 years in DBTC as his 2nd college and course, it helped him build his character as servant-leader and customer-focused IT professional. Given an opportunity to pioneer the MIS Department of a local start up conglomerate, he was exposed to strategic, operations, different business models, innovation, and people management. He was able to handle 35 companies as seconded IST Manager and Technical Project Manager delivering end-to-end IS solutions. From a senior programmer position he was promoted year on year and eventually became a IST Department Head in different local/multinational companies.The discipline in IST Leadership, People Management, Project Management, and IT Service Management helped a lot in building his Leadership style and have a deeper Business sense. His motto for Innovation and Technology is "Driven by Business, Inspired by Technology". He is now leading the IST Transformation Program for a local Financing company and is handling the IST Division as the Director/Division Head. At the same time is directly involve in building an efficient and dynamic IST Division who will prepare the company in it's Diversification-Expansion program.

"Transferring to Don Bosco Technical College and studying again at BSIT is one of the BEST decisions that God led me. Picking up from my problematic academic failures and loss of focus in life, being under the Salesian guidance and the technological knowledge I learn at BSIT College, gave me a strong foundation when I already worked in the Industry. I learned my purpose in the IT industry, to satisfy my key stake holders, empower my business partners, develop leaders, build relationships - through innovation and technology. "