Bachelor of Science in

Computer Science

The BSCS is also a four (4) year degree program of DBTC Mandaluyong with the goal of developing competent, christian computer experts exposed in a variety of disciplines such as Math, Sciences, Computing Platforms and Research

At the end of the program, the graduates of BSCS must be able to;

  1. Apply the knowledge in computing systems to solve real world problems or to improve a system of its funcationality, usability and performance.
  2. Visualize, Understand and Impact quick solutions to both highly complex or uncomplicated problems.
  3. Communicate effectively ideas, or solutions, mathematical or scientific in nature to a broad range of audience and has the ability to work in teams.
  4. Distiguish the interplay of social, legal, ethical issues, technical problems, and aesthetic values that play an important part in the development of computing systems
  5. Pursue further studies, and advancements in the computing field and values commitment to life-long learning.

Program / Knowledge Domains

  • Computer Architecture, Systems, and Networking
  • Parallel / Distributed Computing
  • Software Algorithms and Programming Languages
  • Information Assurance and Security
  • Artificial Inteligence and Natural Language Processing
  • Analytics and Machine Learning

1st Year


SELF Understanding Self

WRLD Contemporary World

PED1 Physical Fitness and Rhythmic Exercises

NSTP1 National Service Training Program 1

SALES 1a St. John Bosco and the Preventive System

ITE101 Introduction to Computing with Technological Change

ITE102 Computer Programming 1


MATH Mathematics in the Modern World

ETCS Ethics

PED2 Dance Sports

NSTP2 National Service Training Program 2

SALES 1b Salesian Youth Spirituality and the Youth Ministry

ITE103 Computer Programming 2

CS201 Discrete Structures 1

CS211 Web Development and Technologies 1

CS220 Multimedia and Graphics Designing

2nd Year


TECH Science Technology and Society

FIL1 Kontekstwalisadong Komunikasyon sa Filipino

RZAL Life and Works of Rizal

PED3 Individual and Dual Sports

THEO 2a Introduction to Scriptures (Salvation History)

ITE104 Data Structures and Algorithms

ITE105 Information Management

CS221 Computer Networking and Communications


COMM Purposive Communication

FIL2 Sinesosyedad / Pelikulang Panlipunan

PED4 Group/Team Sports

THEO 2b Ecclesiology (Church History)

CS222 Architecture and Organization

CS223 Advance Database Management

CS224 Programming Languages (OOP)

CS225 Algorithms and Complexity

CSPE1 CS Professional Elective 1

3rd Year


LITE Panitikang Panlipunan

PHIL Readings in Philippine History

THEO 3a Prayer, Worship and Sacraments

CS202 Discrete Structures 2

CS212 Web Development and Technologies 2

CS226 Operating Systems

CS227 Mobile Application Development

CS301 Information Assurance and Security

CSPE2 CS Professional Elective 2


THEO 3b Christian Morality

ITE106 Application Development and Emerging Technologies

CS228 Human Computer Interaction

CS311 Natural Language Processing

CS321 Automata Theory and Formal Languages

CS401 Research Methods and Trends in Computing

CS411 Software Engineering 1

CSPE3 CS Professional Elective 3

CSFE1 CS Free Elective 1


CS500 CS Internship Program (Minimum of 320 hours)

4th Year


THEO 4a Social Teachings of the Church

ARTS Art Appreciation

CS229 Social Issues and Professional Practice in CS Field

CS331 Enterprise Architecture Development

CS412 Software Engineering 2

CS421 CS Thesis Writing 1

CSPE4 CS Professional Elective 4

CSFE2 CS Free Elective 2


THEO 4b Marriage and Family Life

CS341 Data Analytics

CS351 Quality Assurance and Test Engineering

CS422 CS Thesis Writing 2

CSFE3 CS Free Elective 3

CSFE4 CS Free Elective 4