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What's Up at BSIT/CS Department

Amazon Web Service, rolling out at DBTC

Amazon Web Service is now being rolled out at BSIT and CS program at Don Bosco Technical College. Students of the 2nd year level are introduced with new tools and technologies that are available for them to utilize and to be at par with the technologies being used in today's digital economies. The full AWS rollout will include the other upper year levels of the program, making them future experts in the field of cloud computing.

Information Security at DBTC continues to Steam up Jul 11, 2019


Information Security @ DBTC continues to steam up next level. After meeting with Trend Micro, important infosec topics will be introduced in BSIT and CS programs. According to the experts (after their review), the new upcoming program on Information Security and Assurance is a well thought of curriculla, definitely a DBTC stamp of technology expertise in the field of computer studies, at par with industry expectations.

Information Security and Assurance, coming soon at DBTC.

AWS Introduced in a Summer Class June 17, 2019

1st Team on the AWS Moon.

DBTC started the cloud technologies program summer of SY2018-19.

As part of making every students' studies relevant to work expectations, the AWS Educate program enables the student to be knowledgeable in the cloud computing areas. DBTC students anywhere across the province from SHS to Tertiary education will have access to AWS for free.

As of the moment, each experiences and the exposure opens new minds, and thoughts about this exciting technology. It tickles every technocrats to study more about machine learning, artificial intelligence, image and voice recognition, blockchains, IaaS, PaaS, et al.

Cheers to all Bosconian and soon to be bosconians. Welcome to Don Bosco.

Phyton Progamming Kicks Off at BSIT/CS Programs April 12, 2019

Starting the next school year 2019-2020, the BSIT/CS Programs will be adding a new Programming Language in their sleeves. DB Information Technology Society , under the guidance of the department invited an expert Mr. Matt Lebrun (BSIT Almuni Batch 2007) to give an overview of Phyton Programming Language and its impact in the field of Information Technology

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Don Bosco Technical College - now an AWS Educate Institutional Member

Starting SY 2019-20 , the BSIT and BSCS Program will be rolling out the AWS platform in subjects taught in the selected computer subjects.

PROLOG Introduced in IT201 Discrete Math/ Structures (AY 2018-19 2nd Semester)

PROLOG Experiments

is being introduced in IT201 Discrete Math / Structures covering topics on Discrete Mathematics, Logic, and Computability.

PROLOG (programming in logic) is a logic-based programming language: programs correspond to sets of logical formulas and the PROLOG interpreter uses logical methods to resolve queries. It is a declarative language: you specify what problem you want to solve rather than how to solve it. PROLOG is very useful in some problem areas, such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and databases.

Seminar: Cloud and Data Center Technologies (Feb. 15, 2019 / 3-5pm)

Sponsored by DBITS

Cloud Computing Technologies

Cloud Computing Seminar will be conducted at the Roderick Flores Hall on Feb. 15, 2019 (3-5pm) by our very own Computer Engineering alumnus from DBTC Mr. Dean Armada. He is currently connected with the following

Armada Innovation Labs

Founder and Chief Architect · August 2014 to present · Taguig

Red Education

Contract Data Center and Security Trainer · July 2013 to present · Singapore

Firefly Education

Contract Data Center and Security Instructor · July 2013 to present · Singapore