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What's Up at BSIT/CS Department

1st Year IT/CS Students working on Pandemic Contact Tracer for COVID 19

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ITCS201 Discrete Math / Structures 1

A group of BSIT and CS Students are working on their initial Pandemic Contact Tracing application using Declarative Programming Language. The Declarative Programming Language utilizes concepts of propositional logic, facts, predicates and clauses without relying too much on algorithmic type of programming language. Declarative programming language rely on facts rather than creating a set of computer procedure to satisfy a a given fact.

The contact tracer also utilizes the concepts of Memoization (similar to Machine Learning). It dynamically stores the new facts to the computer memory by appending its given set of predicates and clauses.

Credit to the Group of Students : Mr. Virge Guevarra, Mr. Michael Joshua Auditor, and Mr. Andrew Dawat

Amazon Web Service, rolling out at DBTC

Le Beau Cibo 01 (Installation) - RIALUBIN, Jethrix: May 16, 2020 1:29 PM Resubmitted.webm

Amazon Web Service is being rolled out at BSIT and CS program at Don Bosco Technical College. Students of the 2nd year level are introduced with new tools and technologies that are available for them to utilize and to be at par with the technologies being used in today's digital economies. The full AWS rollout will include the other upper year levels of the program, making them future experts in the field of cloud computing.

Video Credit: Mr. Jethrix De Pedro Rialubin

Information Security at DBTC continues to Steam up July 11, 2019


Information Security @ DBTC continues to steam up next level. After meeting with Trend Micro, important infosec topics will be introduced in BSIT and CS programs. According to the experts (after their review), the new upcoming program on Information Security and Assurance is a well thought of curriculla, definitely a DBTC stamp of technology expertise in the field of computer studies, at par with industry expectations.

Information Security and Assurance, coming soon at DBTC.

Python Progamming Kicks Off at BSIT/CS Programs April 12, 2019

Starting the next school year 2019-2020, the BSIT/CS Programs will be adding a new Programming Language in their sleeves. DB Information Technology Society , under the guidance of the department invited an expert Mr. Matt Lebrun (BSIT Almuni Batch 2007) to give an overview of Python Programming Language and its impact in the field of Information Technology

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Don Bosco Technical College - now an AWS Educate Institutional Member

Starting SY 2019-20 , the BSIT and BSCS Program will be rolling out the AWS platform in subjects taught in the selected computer subjects.